David McIntosh
David McIntosh
Interim Dean of Teachers College David & Joanna Meeks Distinguished Professor Special Education Professor Educational Psychology
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About David McIntosh

David McIntosh is Chair of the Department of Special Education and is the David and Joanna Meeks Distinguished Professor of Special Education and Professor of Psychology--Educational Psychology. He received his undergraduate degree from Hanover College (1986). He received a Master of Arts degree (1987), an Educational Specialist degree (1987), and the Doctor of Philosophy (1990) from Ball State. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dr. McIntosh also is the Director of the Autism Summer Day Camp. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Psychology in the Schools, an interdisciplinary journal that publishes manuscripts focusing on issues confronting schools and children. Dr. McIntosh is Board Certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association-Division 16, and a Fellow of the American Academy of School Psychology. He has served as President for the American Academy of School Psychology and as President of the American Board of School Psychology. Dr. McIntosh is a recipient of the Benny Award for service to Ball State University. He publishes extensively in the area of psychological and educational assessment of children and adolescents with learning, emotional, and/or disruptive behavior disorders. He also publishes in the area of identification and treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Dr. McIntosh has published more than 70 refereed articles and book chapters. He has received over $2 million in external funding over the course of his career to support research, students, and academic programs.

Research and Publications

Wilczynski, S. M., & McIntosh, D. E. (2016). Introduction: Special issue exploring alternative models and collaboration when treating young children with autism spectrum disorder. Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education, 1(2), 1-6.

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Wilczynski, S. M., McIntosh, D. E., Tullis, C., Cullen, J., & Querim, A. (2015). Autism spectrum disorder in adolescents. In M. Evans, R. Plant, & T. Gullotta (Eds.), The handbook of adolescent behavioral problems: Evidenced-based approaches to prevention and treatment (2nd ed.) (pp. 345-360). New York: Springer Academic Publishing.

Dale, B., Hernandez Finch, M., McIntosh, D. E., Rothlisberg, B., & Finch, Holmes (2014). Utility of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition with ethnically diverse preschoolers. Psychology in the Schools, 51(6), 581-590.

Chang, M., Paulson, S., Finch, H., McIntosh, D. E., & Rothlisberg, B. (2014). Joint confirmatory factor analysis of the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities-Third Edition and the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales-Fifth Edition with a preschool population. Psychology in the Schools, 51(1), 32-57.

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