Azar Hadadian

Azar Hadadian

Professor of Special Education

Curriculum Vitae


Room:TC 743

About Azar Hadadian

Dr. Hadadian has served in a number of local, state and national level agencies in the capacity of a board member/advisor/chair including Indiana interagency council and has been one of the founding board members of the formerly Indiana infant Mental Health Association. Dr. Hadadian has been the recipient of research and service awards by Ball State University and has served on the editorial boards of scholarly journals. In addition she has coordinated the Indiana School for the Deaf Ball State University Participants Program, which is a nationally unique immersive program.

Areas of Expertise:

Deaf Education & Early Childhood Special Education

Research Interest


Infant Mental Health

Parent and Child Interaction

Parental Stress


 Ph.D., and M.A. University of Minnesota Educational psychology and Special Education

Select Publications:

 Alazimi, S., Hadadian, A., Wang, C., Merbler, J. (2015). Stress levels of Kuwaiti mothers of children with SLD. Does work and education status matter? International Journal of Special Education. 30(1), 120-128.

Hadadian, A. Koch, K. (2014) Issues in labeling young children with developmental delay: Whose responsibility is it? The International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education. 5(2), 187-199.

Hadadian, A. Koch, K., Merbler, J. (2012). A field based deaf education teacher training model: Does it make a difference? International Journal of Special Education). 27(3).

Hadadian, A., Tomlin, T.M., & Sherwood-Puzzello, C.M. (2005) Early Intervention Service Providers: What do they say about their infant mental health training needs? Early Child Development and Care.175(5) 432-44.

Perry, D.F., Sherwood-Puzzello, C.M., Hadadian, A., & Wilkerson, S.A. (2002). Challenges in infant mental health: meeting the training needs of parents and professionals in early intervention. International Journal of Special Education, 17(2), 52-58.