Dr. Rachel Kraus has published a chapter titled, “Qualitative Methods and Interviewing” in the latest edition of Principles of Research in Behavioral Science

This book, which focuses on conceptual issues inherent in conducting research, is intended for graduate students in a variety of behavioral science disciplines, including (but not limited to) psychology, sociology, education, health, gender studies, and religion.

“I had three main goals when writing this chapter on qualitative research methods,” says Dr. Kraus. “First, I wanted the chapter to be a helpful ‘how to’ guide for anyone wanting to conduct qualitative research. Second, I wanted to explain the rigor of qualitative research and how to fairly evaluate it. Finally, I wanted to demonstrate that many of the key factors we use to evaluate quantitative research have counterparts to assessing qualitative research. In sum, my hope is that researchers develop a better appreciation for the value of qualitative research in contributing to our knowledge about humanity and the social world we live in.”

Dr. Kraus, who has taught undergraduate and graduate methods courses at Ball State for more than a decade, emphasizes the value of recognizing the distinct contributions made by both qualitative and quantitative research.

“I understand the value of and greatly appreciate the vast amount of knowledge we gain through quantitative research. At the same time, I take the ‘wheel of science’ very seriously and believe that when we limit qualitative research, we cut out half of [this wheel] … When we cut out qualitative research, we potentially shut down voices of people who are not heard in quantitative studies. I believe that both quantitative and qualitative research, together, offers us a more holistic understanding of humanity than either method on its own.”

Congratulations, Dr. Kraus!