Are you interested in our MA in Clinical Psychology program?  Then it’s time to apply. Admission to our graduate program means you need to meet the admission criteria of both the Ball State Graduate School and the PSYS program.


Admission Criteria

Our program is competitive. Each fall, we accept approximately 10 - 12 students for the master of arts in clinical psychology.

Application Deadline:
February 1

To be considered for admission, all application materials must be submitted online by February 1. All accepted students will begin their studies in August.

We receive more qualified applicants than we can accept, so we consider the following criteria to assist in our selection:

  • Professional statements, goals, and a curriculum vitae showing that our program would be a good fit
  • Positive letters of recommendation providing evidence that you have the skills and characteristics to succeed
  • A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale from all previous undergraduate and graduate coursework. Please see the table below for typical GPAs of successful applicants.
  • An acceptable GRE score: We do not use absolute cutoffs for GRE scores, but see below for typical scores of successful applicants. 
  • Undergraduate courses in psychology that include experimental design and methodology and statistics are required. but we will consider applicants who were not undergraduate psychology majors. If admitted, non-majors may need to take extra courses to prepare for required courses.

Average GRE Scores and GPAs for Admitted Students


  • GRE-V: 154
  • GRE-Q: 145
  • GRE-Writing: 3.8
  • Overall GPA: 3.31
  • Last Two Years GPA: 3.63
  • Psych GPA: 3.44


  • GRE-V: 151
  • GRE-Q: 149
  • GRE-Writing: 4
  • Overall GPA: 3.62
  • Last Two Years GPA: 3.81
  • Psych GPA: 3.78


  • GRE-V: 152.5
  • GRE-Q: 147.5
  • GRE-Writing: 3.9
  • Overall GPA: 3.465
  • Last Two Years GPA: 3.72
  • Psych GPA: 3.61


  • GRE-V: 152.2
  • GRE-Q: 148.38
  • GRE-Writing: 4.19
  • Overall GPA: 3.63
  • Last Two Years GPA: 3.78
  • Psych GPA: 3.74


  • GRE-V: 151.13
  • GRE-Q: 149.88
  • GRE-Writing: 4
  • Overall GPA: 3.57
  • Last Two Years GPA: 3.6
  • Psych GPA: 3.68


  • GRE-V: 151.67
  • GRE-Q: 149.13
  • GRE-Writing: 4.1
  • Overall GPA: 3.6
  • Last Two Years GPA: 3.69
  • Psych GPA: 3.68

Material to Submit

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate School and submit official transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate coursework, as part of the general admissions process <link to first tab> In addition, to be considered for admission as a PSYS graduate student you must:

  • Have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Submit GRE scores (taken within the past 5 years). We do not require or request scores from the GRE Psychology subject test. Ball State's institution code is 1051. Please do not include a department code when requesting GRE scores from ETS.
  • Have three letters of recommendation submitted by letter writers who will receive e-mail requests when the applicant completes the application.
  • Submit a curriculum vitae
  • Submit a professional statement addressing the following:
Why are you interested in our clinical psychology MA program? And why would this program be a good fit for you?
What do you plan to do immediately after the completion of your master's degree, and what are your long-term career goals?
Describes research projects you have worked on and indicate whether each study was an independent research project, a senior thesis, a faculty project that you assisted with, etc. In addition, briefly describe the skills you acquired through your work.
Describe how your experiences and/or interests would contribute to fostering diversity in our MA program. What opportunities have you had working and collaborating in diverse, multicultural, and inclusive settings?

Describe how you would function and communicate effectively and respectfully when interacting with people whose cultural beliefs, behaviors, and backgrounds differ from your own.
Identify and rank between one and three professors with whom you would like to conduct research.

Please see this document describing current faculty research interests and availability to supervise graduate students:  PSYS FACULTY RESEARCH INTERESTS (pdf)

Briefly, indicate why you ranked the professor(s) the way you did.

Although your responses will not commit you to a specific lab or topic, the graduate admissions committee will use the information you provide to evaluate your fit with the program. To verify that faculty members are currently accepting graduate student in their labs, check their websites or contact them directly.
What research topic(s) might you like to pursue a thesis or independent research project in our master's program?

Please discuss possible research questions and populations of interest.

Please describe any additional qualifications that may not be obvious from your transcripts or other materials that you believe would be beneficial to your application to our program.

Complete the Application

You will need to determine if your program is delivered online or on campus. Please contact your program director to determine your delivery mode.

If you will be an online student and you live outside Indiana, this information regarding State Regulatory Authorizations might apply to you.

Apply Now


You can pay your application fees (nonrefundable) with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Or you may pay online with an electronic check from a U.S. bank.

  • applications for degree and nondegree programs: $60 per program
  • applications for certificates and licensures: $20 per certificate or licensure

Reduced rates for additional applications: Each additional degree application costs $20 and certificate $10. Please remember you must use the username and password from your initial application to receive the discounted rate for multiple applications.


The Graduate School must receive all of your application materials no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the academic term you wish to start.

However, your desired program might have different deadlines. Check with the program director for those dates.

Submit Your Transcripts

Ball State must receive your official transcript before the university can process your application. Request transcripts from all colleges and universities you attended (this includes dual credit courses earned while in high school). You do not need to submit Ball State transcripts. 

The university or college that issued your degree must send an official copy of your transcript directly to Ball State. You can often request your transcripts through an institution’s website. Also, official transcripts must include a college seal, date, and appropriate signature. All transcripts become Ball State property.

Transcripts may be submitted by:

  • Mail – Send official copies to the Graduate School, Ball State University, 2000 W. University Ave., West Quad 100, Muncie, IN 47306.
  • Electronic – Official electronic transcripts may be submitted by an institution directly to

If you have earned a degree from a non-US institution, you must select one of the following evaluation agencies to get your transcripts and degree(s) evaluated:
(this includes any earned certificates, diplomas, or degrees)

Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE):


World Education Services (WES)

  • Check country-specific requirements:
  • Make sure to create an account:
  • Make sure to choose ICAP Course By Course report
  • Choose Ball State University as a recipient so we can get an electronic copy of your report

If you have studied at a non-US institution, from which you have not earned a degree, you must submit a scanned copy of the official transcript to Ball State University's International Admissions office with an official translation.

After Applying to the Graduate School

Graduate admissions is a shared process at Ball State. When the Graduate School has determined you’ve met minimum admission criteria, your application will be made available to the department for review. 

Programs often require additional application materials. Check with the program director about additional requirements. Keep in mind that an admission decision will not be made until all required materials have been received.