Cognitive and Social Processes

The Master of Arts in Cognitive and Social Processes program is a two-year program designed to provide extensive training in cognitive psychology, social psychology, research methods, and statistics. Its primary purpose is to prepare you for doctoral programs in cognitive psychology, social psychology, or a related area.

What You Will Learn

Learning outcomes include a mastery of:

  • cognitive psychology
  • social psychology
  • research methods
  • statistics

What It’s Like to Pursue a Master of Arts in Cognitive Social Processes at Ball State

As a student, you may have access to a graduate assistantship, which covers most of your tuition and fees and provides a stipend. This helps alleviate the burden of graduate school expenses and student debt, allowing you to focus more fully on developing your career.
As a student in this program, you will have the option of enhancing your content knowledge in an area of interest by completing a program certificate.

We accept eight to 10 students each year, resulting in small class sizes and many opportunities for students to collaborate with faculty on research projects. You will receive the one-on-one attention needed to excel academically.
Our graduate faculty welcomes the opportunity to conduct research with students and we recommend that all students get involved in research projects. Often, our graduate assistants are assigned to work on faculty research projects.

Program Requirements

This program consists of 38 required credits and six elective credits in cognitive social processes. While a variety of electives are available in areas such as cognition, personality, advanced statistics, institutional research, and development, we can assist in emphasizing electives that will allow you to complete an optional certificate in an area of interest.


Total: 44

  • Required Courses: 38 credits
  • Elective Courses: 6 credits


A few of the classes you will take include:

  • PSYS 680 Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSYS 681 Applied Research Methods
  • PSYS 616 Perception and Cognition
  • PSYS 617 Memory Processes
  • PSYS 618 Advanced Cognitive Processes
  • PSYS 623 Theories of Personality
  • PSYS 668 Physiological Psychology

For a complete list of all the courses you will take and their descriptions, please see our Graduate Catalog.
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What Can You Do with a Master of Arts in Cognitive Social Processes?

Our program prepares students for doctoral studies in:

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology

Paying for Your Education

Department Graduate Assistantships

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