To many people, human behavior seems unpredictable and often difficult to understand. To a student of psychology, there are clues to be found in personalities, abilities, influences, and motivations. Here at Ball State’s Department of Psychological Science, we offer undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology that lead to fascinating careers, a deeper understanding of others, and greater awareness of one’s own behavior and motivations.

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Psychological Science Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Psychology is one of the most popular majors in the U.S.—opening the door to a wide variety of career opportunities or preparing you for further academic pursuits. Learn more.

Behavioral Forensics Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science

Forensic science bridges the gap between law enforcement and scientific disciplines, piecing together the clues using advanced scientific techniques. The program leverages strengths across five departments (biology, chemistry, computer science, criminal justice and criminology, and psychological science) in four concentrations, applying scientific principles to crime investigation, civil litigation cases, corporate security, and government regulation enforcement. Learn more.


 Learn about a Degree in Data Analytics

Data Analytics is an emerging interdisciplinary field with three concentration areas in Computational Data, Environmental Systems, and Social and Behavioral. Find out more about a degree in Data Analytics.

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Psychological Science Minor

Gain foundational insights across the general areas of our field with our minor in psychological science. Learn more.

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Minor in Neuroscience

The interdisciplinary Neuroscience Minor will provide students with foundational knowledge on the organization, development, and function of the nervous system and how this relates to behavior and cognition. The Minor is composed of courses in psychology, biology, mathematics, philosophy, and speech pathology. Learn more.

Teaching Social Studies

Social Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

If you’re interested in teaching psychology, you can pursue the subject as a concentration in our teaching social studies program. Learn more.
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Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology

Master of Arts

Ball State’s master of arts in clinical psychology is a two-year program designed to prepare you to be a competitive candidate for psychology doctoral programs in clinical psychology. Learn more.

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Master's Degree in Psychological Science

Master of Arts

Ball State's master of arts in psychology science is a two-year program designed to prepare students for doctoral programs or employment in research and/or academic-related settings by delving deeper into four core psychological domains. Learn more.