Title of Research Project

Completion Date 


Zsolt Tamas Balint Recreation of the Bullet Cluster (1E 0657-56) Merging Event Via N-Body Computer Simulation July 2012 Robert Berrington
James B. Cutright Analysis of Electron Transport Through Novel Nanoelectronic and Spintronic Devices July 2012 Eric Hedin
Dayna L. Thompson Photometric Parallaxes and Subdwarf Identification for M-Type Stars July 2012 Thomas Robertson
Lynda L. Wilkinson Visible and Infrared Emission from Er2O3 Nanoparticles, and Ho+3, Tm+3, and Sm+3 Doped in AlN for Optical and Biomedical Applications July 2012 Muhammad Maqbool
Chris Wagner Exchange Energy and Potential Using the Laplacian of the Density May 2012 Antonio C. Cancio
James Clark Technology in the Classroom: Student Understanding of Image Formation by Converging and Diverging Lenses and Mirrors - Ray Tracing V. Computer Simulation December 2011 Joel Bryan
Erin E. Lueck An Investigation of the Environmental Effects on the Merger Rates in Galaxy Clusters December 2011 Robert Berrington
Theresa E. Roelofsen Moody An Analysis of the Effects of A Five-Day Professional Development Experience on In-Service K-12 Teachers’ Content Knowledge and Self-Reported Confidence in Their Ability to Teach Astronomy Content December 2011 Joel Bryan
Garrison H. Turner The Connection Between Delta Scuti Stars and Close Binary Parameters July 2011 Ronald Kaitchuck
Seth Ross  Measuring the Performance of Recent Generalized Gradient Approximations to Density Functional Theory in Molecules and Solids  December 2010 Antonio C. Cancio 
Christopher P. Beer How do Pre-Service Teachers Picture Various Electromagnetic Phenomenon? A Qualitative Study of Pre-Service Teachers’ Conceptual Understanding of Fundamental Electromagnetic Interaction  December 2010 Joel A. Bryan 
Casey William Koopmans  A Comparison of Computer Simulated and Physical Dc Circuit Laboratory Investigations on Conceptual Understanding  December 2010 Joel A. Bryan
Brian D. Dolasinski Exploring the Feasibility of the Detection of Neuronal Activity Evoked By Dendrite Currents Using MRI  July 2010  Ranjith Wijesinghe 
Deidre Nicole Hopkins  Determination of the Linear Attenuation Coefficients and Buildup Factors of Mcp-96 Alloy For Use in Tissue Compensation and Radiation Protection  July 2010 Muhammed Maqbool 
Sun-Hee Lee  Electron Transport Through One and Four-Channel Dna Models   July 2010  Yong Joe
Joshua N. Kellums  An Analysis of Zero Degree Calorimeter Shower Maximum Detector Data for Polarimetry at STAR July 2010  David Grosnick 
Tyler R. Corn Optical and Luminescence Properties of Erbium, Ytterbium, and Terbium Doped in Aluminum Nitride June 2010 Muhammed Maqbool 
Benjamin David Padgett Modeling and Simulation of Fault Tolerant Properties of
Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Devices 
May 2010 Mahfuza Khatun 
Elixia M. Benson-Avillan  Spectroscopic Analysis of the Dwarf Nova Ss Cygni May 2010  Ronald Kaitchuck 
Abigail C. Perkins  Electron Spin-Polarization Via Zeeman and Aharonov-Bohm Effects in A Double Quantum Dot Ring  December 2009  Eric Hedin 
James Stuart Klep Investigation of Outburst Characteristics in Dwarf Novae Binary Star Systems  July 2009  Ronald Kaitchuck 
Justin Mason In Search of Red Dwarf Stars: Application of Three-Color Photometric Techniques July 2009  Thomas H. Robertson
Aaron Boggs  Alternative Assessment in High School Physics  July 2009 Joel A. Bryan 
Brenda Skoczelas  A Mathematical Model for Calculating the Effect of Toroidal Geometry on the Measured Magnetic Field  July 2009  Ranjith Wijesinghe
Charles Travis Webb  Analysis of Off-Axis Enhanced Dynamic Wedge Dosimetry Using A 2d Diode Array  December 2008  Thomas H. Robertson 
Chunghee Roh  Electron Transport Through Double Quantum Dots in an Aharonov-Bohm Ring  November 2008  Eric R. Hedin 
Gregory K. Polston  A Dosimetric Model for Small-Field Electron Radiation Therapy  November 2008  Thomas H. Robertson 
Feras G. Alzubi  Atomistic Modeling of Elastic and Transport Properties of Carbon Nanotubes  July 2008  Ronald M. Cosby 
Adam Hinkle Tight-Binding Calculation of Electronic Properties of Oligophenyl and Oligoacene Nanoribbons  July 2008  Antonio C. Cancio and Mahfuza Khatun 
Lisa Enneking The Use of Data Collection Activities in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom  July 2008  Joel A. Bryan 
Justin D. Gagneur Testing the Effect of Different Calculation Grids on the Accuracy of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Plans July 2008 Thomas H. Robertson
Joy Elaine Gwinn  An Analysis of Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Attempts to Determine Factors Influencing the Period of a Simple Pendulum  July 2008  Joel A. Bryan 
Jamie L. Champlin Incorporating Computer Simulations into Existing Physics Curriculum and Laboratory Investigations  June 2008  Joel A. Bryan