44 From physics and astronomy graduate courses as approved by the department chairperson. [Includes 2 hours of research colloquium (ID 705), 3 hours of teaching internship (SCI 790), and 3 hours of current issues in collegiate science education (SCI 696).]
PHYCS 534 Thermodynamics or PHYCS 675 Thermal Physics
PHYCS 552 Electromagnetic Theory or PHYCS 673 Electrodynamics
PHYCS 565 Quantum Mechanics
PHYCS 671 Classical Mechanics
12 Education course work not overlapping with an education cognate
EDHI 609 Teaching at the College Level
EDHI 610 Issues in Higher Education
EDPSY 600 Educational Psychology
EDPSY 646 Tests and Measurements
24 One science cognate of at least 24 hours in a science other than physics and astronomy
10 Dissertation in physics and astronomy education at the middle school/secondary school level