If you complete the requirements, the designation “Departmental Honors in Physics and Astronomy" will appear on your transcripts and will be noted when you graduate.
In order to earn the designation "Departmental Honors in Physics and Astronomy" you must complete the following program in addition to HONRS 499 (Honors Thesis or Project), or a comparable departmental equivalent (PHYCS 369- Professional Experience, PHYCS 479-Practical Experience, and PHYCS 482- Independent Studies in Physics).

Eligibility: Have a 3.5 GPA or higher in physics and astronomy and based on departmental regulations, you may take upper division courses.

You must enroll in a minimum of four upper division courses (300 or 400 level) in physics and astronomy in which you would earn honors credit.

Procedure: To earn honors credit, you must do as follows:

During the first week of class, you must inform the professor teaching the course that you want to take the course for departmental honors credit.

If we agree, we will decide what type of academic work you will do to earn honors credit. The honors work might take the form of additional research and writing, creative projects, tutorials, review essays, additional reading, etc.

It is up to us to determine honors credit. In any case, your honor’s work is in addition to your regular requirements.

If you get below a "B", that course will not be accepted for honors credit.

You will need to get a departmental honors form from the Honors College. The form will have to be signed by one of us and returned to the Honors College.