Our department combines two areas of science within a friendly learning environment. Physics and astronomy are housed under one roof in our department, which is pretty distinct.

We offer bachelor’s degree programsminorsmaster’s degrees and doctoral degrees.

Our small classes will give you the individual attention you need. Our advanced classes have 10 to 15 students. Here, not only do you get to know your classmates, but you also get to know us. You will work with faculty doing research such as condensed matter, nuclear physics, and physics education to name a few areas. We have found that early involvement in research prepares you for a challenging career as a technical problem solver.

If you choose to pick up a minor in our department, consider astronomy, which combines well with other majors. Our astronomy program stresses active research in programs at the National Undergraduate Research Observatory at Kitt Peak, Arizona, and in our observatory located on the top of the Cooper Science Complex. The hands-on experience with telescopes and data collection using computers equips you for employment in astronomy or in industry.