How Online Student Ambassadors Can Help You

As an online student, there may be times when you will benefit from the experiences of a classmate—someone who can answer questions about online learning or point you to someone who can answer those questions.

Because of their academic success as online students, Online Student Ambassadors understand the challenges you may face on the way to your Ball State degree. They know just what it’s like to balance online courses with responsibilities such as work, family, and community involvement. They are also familiar with ways to build a connection in the online learning environment and the resources available to help you succeed.

Ambassadors can help:

  • Connect you with peers and instructors
  • Utilize university resources to help you succeed in the classroom
  • Empower you to make quality educational choices
  • Improve your time management, organization, and study skills by sharing personal tips
Are you interested in becoming an ambassador? Learn how to apply to our ambassador program!

Meet Your Ambassadors

Introducing Alicia Hazelwood

My name is Alicia Hazelwood. I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in quantitative psychology in the Department of Educational Psychology with Ball State Online. I am graduating in the winter of 2018 and then will continue into the doctorate program. I greatly enjoy my work as a graduate assistant at Ball State as well. 

I am so grateful to have found the online program offered by Ball State in my field. The convenience of online learning has allowed me to pursue not only my dream of higher education but also my dream of being a mother. I am able to stay home with my son and still receive an exceptionally high-quality education. 

Because of my interest in online learning, I have entered the field of educational psychology. I am looking forward to continuing research in distance education in my doctorate program. I am especially interested in research that will improve online learning structures and improve retention rates. 

In my free time, I am busy being a mom to my three-year-old son. I enjoy watching sports of any kind but I especially love basketball and baseball. I use cycling and running to compensate for my love eating good food.

Introducing Caroline (Klein) Heston

My name is Caroline Heston. I am a graduate student, double majoring in adult and community education and executive development for public service.

In May 2010, I received my bachelor’s from Indiana University-Bloomington in nonprofit-management with a minor in fund-raising. The traditional learning environment was conducive to my development as a student at that time. However, as I began to focus on all the other things in life, an online degree was a better fit with my work schedule (and play schedule). For me, the biggest adjustment to online courses has been my dry sense of humor, which never translates well digitally!

I currently work as an administrative coordinator for a laboratory focused in anthropology and archaeology. Prior to this, I worked at a local woman's shelter. As far as my aspirations and career goals, I try not to be too rigid! I just focus on doing my best in my current position, but someday I would like to be Dr. Heston!

I am so grateful to not only help other students with what I have learned as an online ambassador and online student, but to learn from others as well. On any given day, you will find me reading, hiking, biking, or playing with my wonderful dogs and cats. Recently, I have gotten back into PokemonGo! Also, because I am accident prone, I don’t go anywhere without a Tide To-Go Pen.

Introducing Kat Parker

Kat ParkerHello, fellow Cardinals!
I am Kat Parker, and I am a junior with Ball State Online. My major is in general studies with minors in psychology and business information technology. It is my hope that I will graduate sometime in 2022-23, so if there are any of you part time college students taking one or two courses a semester reading this, please know that you are not alone. Each semester gets us one step closer to our goal!

Besides taking courses online, being an ambassador, and working in a middle school as a guidance secretary,  I am a wife and mother. When my older daughters were already in college and my youngest was finishing her junior year in high school, I felt the time was right to finish what I started back in 1987 as a freshman at Ball State to earn my degree. As much as I wanted to take classes on campus, I needed a flexible program that would allow me to continue being a wife, mother and employee as well as a student. With Ball State offering multiple online degree programs, the choice to return to Ball State was simple.

Being an older student has been challenging at times but my focus and purpose is stronger than it was 30 years ago. I am definitely a better student this time around! It is my hope to help inspire and encourage older adults who are thinking about getting a degree that it is possible at any age and at any pace. Whether you are a full-time or part-time student, the journey is different for all of us but the destination is the same.

Ambassadors may reach out to you, as a new student, throughout your first semester. 

Current and new students alike are always invited to connect with ambassadors as questions arise. Your ambassador is happy to share personal tips, as well as connect you with individuals and departments that can address your specific needs best.

Emails submitted to are responded to within 36 hours, Monday through Friday.