Most students take two years to earn their degree, including the nine-month internship, which is completed at sites throughout Indiana. Students often relocate for the duration of their internship. Degrees, which can be earned through both online and on-campus course work (with one semester of campus study required), include:

  • Master of science (MS): thesis required (36 credits)
  • Master of arts (MA): nonthesis option; 6 additional elective credits required (36 credits) 

All students in the program take a course in statistics, research methods, and a minimum of five nutrition-specific courses.

The internship concentrates on medical nutrition therapy (MNT); interns spend:

  • Nine weeks (360 hours) in hospital food systems management rotation
  • 12-13 weeks (520 hours) in hospital nutrition therapy rotation (12 weeks for those attending the Diabetes Camp)
  • Two four-week (320 hours) rotations at a community/business nutrition facility

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