The internship includes an orientation week, 30 weeks of supervised practice rotations, and an evaluation week. The January class begins on the first day of spring semester and ends in late July. The May class begins 32 weeks before the final week of fall semester and ends in December.

Internship Rotations

  • Hospital food systems management rotation – 9 weeks
  • Hospital nutrition therapy rotation – 13 weeks*
  • Community nutrition/business rotation 1 – four weeks
  • Community nutrition/business rotation 2 – four weeks

*An optional one-week experience at a diabetes children’s camp is available. Interns who choose to attend the diabetes camp will spend 12 weeks in the hospital nutrition therapy rotation.

Internship Hours

  • Week 1 (orientation week): 24-32 hours
  • Weeks 2 through 31 (rotation weeks): 1,200 hours
  • Week 32 (evaluation week): 24-32 hours
  • Total hours: 1,256

Week 1


Week 2-5

Purdue Cooperative Extension-Hendricks County

Week 6-17

Lutheran Hospital Nutrition Therapy

Week 18-23 Lutheran Food System Management
Week 24 Diabetes camp
Week 25-27 Lutheran Food System Management
Week 28-31 Northwest YMCA
Week 32 Evaluation Week