Dietetics students volunteered to work for the Healthy Athletes Health Promotion Health Fair. The group was responsible for height, weight, BMI, waist circumference, and blood pressure measurements. In addition they conducted food and beverage screenings (to identify hydration and nutrition issues), as well as nutrition education (food guide pyramid activity; "Wheel of Hydration" activity) and two games to encourage physical fitness, "Name that Activity" which was a 9-compartment shoe holding box, covered with vinyl that had slashes over each of the 9 holes; inside each 'hole' was a piece of equipment associated with some type of physical activity (e.g., jump rope, softball, tennis ball, shuttle cock) and the athlete had to guess what activity it was associated with and then name their favorite physical activity) and a "Thumb Ball," which is a soft ball about the size of a cantaloupe that has lots of activities written in circles. They tossed the ball to the athlete; wherever his/her "favorite thumb" lands, they have to do that activity (e.g., run in place, make arm circles, do a jumping jack). Dietetics also had four volunteers from the local hospital who conducted tobacco and sun safety screening/education. Lastly, they summarized the information obtained for each athlete, giving them a 'report card' of their health status which they were encouraged to share with their doctor the next time they visited.

Special Olympics Indiana