Summer Transition Semester
The summer semester that begins the L.P.N. transition track is designed to allow you to demonstrate and/or acquire the skills and knowledge students are expected to have mastered by the end of their sophomore year in the traditional four-year baccalaureate program. The semester also allows you to get acclimated to Ball State, the School of Nursing, and the nursing curriculum. Upon successful completion of the semester, you are ready to progress into the junior-year level of the nursing sequence. There must be a cohort of 10 students for the summer semester course to be offered.

Progress through the Program
The Associate Director of the Baccalaureate Nursing Program will work with you on an individual basis to develop a plan of study, including outlining the prerequisites you need and assisting you in determining the best way to progress through the nursing sequence and complete university Core Curriculum requirements.

The L.P.N. transition track allows you to use previously earned science and general studies credits for the baccalaureate program. Other required courses and some elective credit hours can be transferred from other institutions. Ball State Core Curriculum courses (general studies courses) may be taken on campus or as independent learning courses (by correspondence) through the School of Extended Education.