Students entering the traditional four-year program begin clinical study in the sophomore year with an introduction to basic nursing concepts and health care appraisal courses. Nursing skills learned in the laboratory are practiced in real clinical settings (hospitals, long term care facilities, clinics, provider's offices, and home health care facilities) under the supervision of nursing faculty. As students progress through the nursing curriculum, they are exposed to clients across the lifespan in acute, chronic, and rehabilitation states. During the last semester, students will demonstrate their accumulation of knowledge and acquire the foundation of leadership and management principles within the profession. Throughout the curriculum, students utilize computer technology and master a variety of computer skills.

As students progress through the nursing curriculum, they acquire additional prerequisite and University Core classes. The University Core courses will build the foundation of a liberal arts background and enrich students' nursing perspective.

A faculty advisor is available to work with a student on an individual basis to guide the student to complete the prerequisite courses, to progress through the nursing sequence, and to complete the University Core requirements for graduation. Problems or concerns may be addressed to the Associate Director of the Baccalaureate Nursing Program.