NUR 730 Statistics for Health Care Research (3 credit hours)
Focuses on application of advanced statistical methods and analysis of data used in research for evidence-based practice and clinical decision making.

NUR 740 Theory Based Models of Care (3 credit hours)
Focuses on the development and evaluation of models of care within the framework of nursing theories and theories from other disciplines. There is an emphasis on integrating nursing science with knowledge from the biophysical, psychosocial, and behavioral sciences and ethics as the basis for advanced nursing practice. 

NUR 742 Research for Evidence-Based Practice (3 credit hours)
Focuses on critical analysis of scientific evidence and its application and evaluation in advanced nursing practice. There is an emphasis on ethical, cultural, and financial implications of evidence-based practice. The role of the advanced practice nurse in collaborative research and dissemination of findings is explored. Prerequisite or parallel: NUR 730

NUR 744 Outcomes Research and Evaluation (3 credit hours)
Focuses on the design and implementation of processes to evaluate health outcomes at patient, population, community and health care systems levels. There is an emphasis on the application of relevant outcomes research and evaluation findings for quality improvement at all levels of care. Prerequisite or parallel: NUR 730

NUR 760 Population Focused Care (4 credit hours)
Focuses on the advanced practice nursing role in disease prevention and health promotion for populations. There is an emphasis on designing, implementing, and evaluating care that will eliminate health disparities. Global health issues are explored. Clinical experience will be in a population focused care environment. Prerequisite NUR 730

NUR 662 Health Care Business and Economics (3 credit hours)
Focuses on principles of business, finance, economics, and health care informatics utilized in developing and evaluating care delivery approaches within health care systems and clinical practice. There is an emphasis on cost-effective practice initiatives for elimination of health disparities and improvement of health care outcomes.

NUR 764 Leadership and Health Policy in Advanced Practice (4 credit hours)
Explores the advanced practice nurse leadership role at organizational and systems levels. There is an emphasis on the inter-professional dimension of health care with use of collaborative and consultation skills. Analysis, development, and implementation of health care policies will be explored. Clinical experience will be in a leadership environment.

NUR 780 Seminar: Advanced Topics in Management of Client Health/Illness Status (4 credit hours)
Explores current client health/illness management issues to include: Assessment and management of health and illness parameters in complex situations incorporating diverse and culturally sensitive approaches.
Use of advanced levels of clinical judgment and systems thinking in designing, delivering, and evaluating evidence-based care to improve patient outcomes.

NUR 790 and NUR 791 Practicum I and Practicum II 6 (3 credit hours each)
Practice experiences are designed to achieve specific learning objectives related to the DNP Essentials and NONPF Competencies. Experiences include in-depth work with experts from nursing as well as other disciplines and provide opportunities for meaningful engagement within practice environments. These experiences provide the context for the DNP project. Prerequisite: NUR 792 for NUR 790; NUR 790 for NUR 791

NUR 792 DNP Project I (3 credit hours)
The student develops the proposal for scholarly project. The project is a significant, evidence-based intervention to improve the quality of healthcare and health outcomes in clinical and community settings. Prerequisite: 15 credit hours in 700 level courses to include NUR 730, NUR 740, NUR 742, and NUR 744.

NUR 793 DNP Project II (3 credit hours)
The student implements and evaluates outcomes of the evidence-based scholarly projects to improve the quality of healthcare and health outcomes in clinical and community settings.  The project must be significant and suitable for dissemination through professional venues. Prerequisite: NUR 790 and NUR 792.