Our faculty is engaged in various types of research, including the following:

Land Stewardship

Research projects address landowner decision making, forest lands stewardship, and private sector management of natural resources.

Hazardous Waste Management

Research projects address the management of hazardous wastes and remediation of sites contaminated with explosives, heavy metals, and hydrocarbons.

Water and Soil Conservation

In addition to local watershed studies, research also examines the effects of pharmaceuticals on water quality; soil conservation; water quality and treatment in developing countries; and historical aspects of water and wastewater treatment systems.


Research stresses the interface between environment and society, with an underlying theme of sustainability; examples are materials flow analysis, renewable energy systems, and local food movements.

Park and Recreation Management

Research projects include local and statewide park planning and human dimensions of resource management. Students' environmental interpretation projects are used as outreach materials to engage the Ball State and Muncie communities.

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