Becoming certified in emergency management/homeland security provides you with an essential understanding of everything required to be an expert in this field. With a strong emphasis on the principles of leadership, problem-solving, and collaboration, this certificate will help qualify you for emergency management positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

A Unique Opportunity for Graduate Students and Others

The certificate program is designed to provide career advancements opportunities for professionals in the fields of emergency management and homeland security, public safety, public health, and emergency medical services. It’s also a natural fit for students interested in pursuing careers in criminal justice, forensic science, nursing, political science, and military science.

Homeland security employment is available in every state, as well as in a number of countries abroad. Many of these jobs are with state, federal, or local governments, which typically offer competitive salaries and benefits. There is also a wealth of job opportunities for private companies and nonprofit organizations.

Take the Next Step

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