Do you want to pursue a career that has practical applications to the real world? Do you love the thought of helping people and preserving the Earth and our precious natural resources? Do you want to take academic knowledge and use it to improve your community? If so, then welcome to Ball State’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management!

Our mission is to ground you in the physical, biological, and social aspects of natural and managed systems. We will prepare you for a fulfilling career in environmental science and natural resource management.


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Natural Resources and Environmental Management Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Preserving natural resources. Improving environmental quality. Making the Earth a safer and healthier place to live for everyone. If those objectives align with your values, then Ball State’s major in natural resources and environmental management (NREM) will help you live them out in your career. Learn more.

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Environmental Management

Augment your science-related major with an environmental focus through Ball State’s minor in environmental management. Learn more.

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Natural Resources

Are you interested in learning how to manage and use resources more effectively? Whether your major is in a science or non-science related field, our minor in natural resources will enhance your career opportunities. Learn more.

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International Resource Management

A compliment to an international-focused major, the International Resource Management minor prepares you for service abroad. Learn more.

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Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Choose a minor in emergency management and homeland security from Ball State, and you’ll graduate with crucial skills to complement a career in diverse corporate, nonprofit, and governmental settings. Learn more.

Geothermal Pipes

Energy (Interdepartmental)

Understand energy, and you will understand a vital driver of any modern society. Ball State’s interdepartmental minor in energy explores the increasingly close connections between energy and flourishing nations. Learn more.

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Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Master of Science or Master of Arts

Prepare yourself for leadership roles in environmental related careers with Ball State’s master’s program in natural resources and environmental management. Our program’s course-of-study includes a strong balance between theoretical understanding and practical application in the real world. Learn more.

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PhD in Environmental Science

Prepare yourself for a successful career in academia, industry, or government—any profession that needs highly qualified professionals trained in interdisciplinary environmental science with experience in applying fundamental skills to real environmental problems. Learn more.

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Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Careers in homeland security and emergency management are in high demand. If you want to advance your career as an emergency management professional, then Ball State’s certificate in emergency management and homeland security is the perfect option. Learn more.