Chinese Minor, 26-27 hours


Course Requirements:

CH 101 - Beginning Chinese 1
The first course in the Chinese language.

CH 102 - Beginning Chinese 2
The second course in the Chinese language. Prerequisite: CH 101.

CH 201 - Intermediate Chinese 1
Designed to build on a foundation of first-year Chinese to help students achieve greater fluency in oral expression and to emphasize the reading of Chinese character texts containing both old and simplified character forms. Grammar will be taught through the use of sentence patterns, and character writing will be practiced. Traditional and contemporary aspects of Chinese culture will also be taught. Prerequisite: CH 102.

CH 202 - Intermediate Chinese 2
Designed to build on the foundation laid thus far in Chinese and to help students achieve greater fluency in the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will read newspapers, short stories, and essays by modern authors with the help of a dictionary and will write short compositions in Hanzi on their readings. Prerequisite: CH 201.

CH 301 - Advanced Chinese 1

CH 334 - Chinese Culture and Civil

Electives, 3-4 credits from:

CH 302- Advanced Chinese 2

CH - 338 - Business Chinese

CH 400 - Chinese Study Abroad

CH 498 - Readings

HIST 495 - Modern China, 1600 to the Present