No doubt you’ve heard it again and again: the world is growing smaller and our careers and perspectives are growing ever more global. How do you prepare? How about majoring in a language? Pick a modern language if you prefer, or discover how much your understanding of the world of tomorrow is enriched by studies of the languages and cultures of ancient times.

Options for majors in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics are focused both on a broad understanding of the languages themselves and, if you desire, skills in teaching those languages to others. You may choose language majors in  Chinese, French, German Japanese or Spanish. 

Or journey into a fascinating study of the civilizations and languages of ancient Greece and Rome through our majors in classical languages and classical cultures. Majors in the classics blend well with studies ranging from history to political science to religion and can lead to a career teaching Latin. If your aim is to teach, you also may opt for a major through our language teaching programs. Whichever major you choose, you’ll learn not only in the traditional classroom but through our electronic classroom options, and the doors will open for exciting summer and academic year study-abroad and student-exchange programs.

There’s a world of career opportunities for those who choose a major in our department. Whatever your career ambition, the ability to speak a foreign language can be incredibly valuable, which is why we work closely with other majors and departments to combine language studies with other disciplines.