The Center for International Programs is the university's central facility for international activity on campus. The Department of Modern Languages works closely with the center whose administrative services support Ball State's commitment to international teaching and learning. Ball State students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of foreign study and exchange programs with other countries. These programs vary greatly in length, duration, and cost. Since credit can be earned in most programs, participating students are not normally required to delay graduation.

Internship opportunities (paid and unpaid) are also available for language students who combine their language studies with majors and minors in other disciplines.

Particularly those students who are majoring in a modern foreign language are strongly urged to spend some time, either in the summer or during the academic year, in a country where their chosen language is spoken. All modern language sections strongly support the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). ISEP offers the serious language student, normally at the junior level, an outstanding opportunity to spend either a semester or an entire academic year abroad at a foreign institution in his/her language area at little more cost than spending the same year at Ball State.

In addition to ISEP, the university sponsors the following study abroad opportunities: a semester-long Vienna program; university exchange programs for French students in Quebec, Canada and Nancy, France; a university exchange program for German students with Muenster, Germany; and a university study abroad program for Spanish students with Monterrey, Mexico.

A limited number of foreign language scholarships are available to advanced level majors and minors in the various languages. Interested students should consult the coordinator of the specific language area for details.