Studying abroad is a learning experience like none other. You immerse yourself in a different culture, environment, and language. You may at first feel disoriented by commonplace activities of daily life, but you will soon feel at-home with the food, the conversation, and even the mindset. The perspective you gain and skills you develop will be invaluable to you in whatever career you pursue, which is why the opportunity to study abroad plays such an important role in our language and culture teaching program.

There are three different ways to study abroad: exchange programs, center programs, and field studies. They vary in duration, ranging from a single semester or summer term to a full academic year. The cost of most programs in comparable to attending Ball State. Each program suits the different needs of students. Your advisor will help you find one that best matches your personality and goals.

Through our study abroad programs we offer travel to China, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, and more. For a complete list of programs visit study abroad.