Special activities sponsored by student organizations enrich our language programs and recognize outstanding language students.

Alpha Mu Gamma National Foreign Language Honorary
A national collegiate foreign language honorary society that recognizes outstanding academic achievement in the study of second languages. 

Chinese Club
We learn about Chinese culture as we improve our language skills. We also work to increase student enrollment in Chinese language and Asian studies courses and actively participate with the Academy Chinese Club. Contact us at chineseclub@bsu.edu for more information.

Eta Sigma Phi
Eta Sigma Phi is the national honorary collegiate society for students of Latin and/or Greek. The purposes of the Society, in the words of the Constitution, are "to develop and promote interest in classical study among the students of colleges and universities; to promote closer fraternal relationship among students who are interested in classical study, including inter-campus relationship; to engage generally in an effort to stimulate interest in classical study, and in the history, art, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. 

French Club

Do you speak French (or would like to)? Do you like food, movies, and French culture? Students of all abilities are invited to come listen and practice. The purpose of Le Cercle Français is to provide interaction among Francophile students of all levels and abilities. Le Cercle Français celebrates Francophone culture and language through meetings and events. The group educates students about the Francophone regions around the world including France, Africa, and North America. The Club promotes international understanding and cultural acceptance.

National Junior Classical League (NJCL)
The National Junior Classical League is an organization of junior and senior high school students sponsored by the American Classical League. Composed of local and state/provincial chapters across the United States, Canada, and Australia, it is the largest Classical organization in the world today with over 50,000 members. Its purpose is to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the language, literature and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and to impart an understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of Classical antiquity.

National Senior Classical League (NSCL)
The National Senior Classical League is an organization composed of high school graduates and college students who wish to continue their affiliation with the classics and the Junior Classical League. SCL's goals include enhancing and promoting the appreciation of the classics in post-secondary education and assisting the Junior Classical League in its endeavors.