Selecting classes, internships, and study abroad experiences are just a few of the many important decisions you’ll make as you build a career. We are eager to connect you with academic advisors and enrichment programs to help you get the most out of your experience while you stay on track to graduate on time.

Our Services

Among our many services, we will:

  • Pair you with your academic advisor, who will help you develop a plan based on your career and life goals, explore leadership opportunities, campus resources, and review the latest internships, scholarships, and essential college information.
  • Put you in touch with the Ball State Career Center’s array of programs, including the Career-Ready Program, which provides you with personalized guidance through the career preparation process, guiding you to package your professionalism.
  • Administer the application, selection, and offerings of the Miller Business Honors Program and Miller Scholarship, which provide the college’s highest-ability students with exclusive educational enrichment opportunities and financial assistance.
College Advisors

Advisors for Freshmen and New Transfers

Students with fewer than 30 credits (freshman standing) and new transfer students are advised through the University College. Find your advisor.

Advisors for Upperclassmen

Students with 30+ credits (sophomore standing and above) are assigned to an advisor who specializes in Miller College of Business programs by Upper Division Advising. You are encouraged to attend advising meetings each semester to ensure you stay on track towards earning your degree.

Advisors for International Students

International students who wish to major in business follow the traditional advising schedule. Students with freshmen status (less than 30 credits) will be automatically assigned a freshman advisor. Once you have earned 30 credits, you will be required to meet with your business advisor each semester. The university‚Äôs International Student Services offers additional academic advising.

Academic Advisors

Our academic advisors are:

Other advisors are located in the departments in the Miller College of Business. Check DegreeWorks in Self-Service Banner to find your assigned advisor. Find your advisor.

How to Schedule a Meeting

Advising is by appointment only. Use AdvisorTrac to schedule.

For help with scheduling, please call 765-285-5329 or stop by WB 147 during our office hours.

Advisors for Freshmen (< 30 Credit Hours)

Students with fewer than 30 credit hours are advised through the University College. Find your advisor.

North Quad Freshmen Advising (all freshmen and undecided) | NQ 339 | 765-285-1161
Amanda Ballenger (Honors College) | BA 107 | 765-285-1194
Sarah Haley (Honors College) | BA 104 | 765-285-9023

Upper Division Business Advisors (31+ Credit Hours)

Students are mentored by program-specific professional advisors.

Accounting (undergraduate) Last Names A-L

Linda Conwell | WB 173 | 765-285-5522

Accounting (undergraduate) Last Names M-Z

Kathy Herbert | WB 171 | 765-285-4997

Accounting (graduate)

Chris Luchs | WB 303 | 765-285-5100

Business Administration

Vashon Broadnax | WB 169 | 765-285-2203

Business Analytics

Linda Conwell | WB 173 | 765-285-5522

Computer Information Systems

Lucas Pint | WB 167 | 765-285-9025


Kathy Herbert | WB 171 | 765-285-4997

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Krystal Geyer | WB 207 | 765-285-5320

Fashion Industry Studies

Linda Conwell | WB 173 | 765-285-5522


Lucas Pint | WB 167 | 765-285-9025

Hospitality Innovation and Leadership

Kathy Maple | WB 165 | 765-285-4992

Human Resource Management

Kathy Maple | WB 165 | 765-285-4992

International Business

Kathy Herbert | WB 171 | 765-285-4997

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Lucas Pint | WB 167 | 765-285-9025

Marketing (Last Names A-L)

Kathy Maple | WB 165 | 765-285-4992

Marketing (Last Names M-Z)

Kathy Herbert | WB 171 | 765-285-4997

MBA and Graduate Certificate Programs

Allison Logan | WB 146 | 765-285-1931

Professional Selling

Kathy Maple | WB 165 | 765-285-4992

Property Management

Kathy Maple | WB 165 | 765-285-4992

Risk Management and Insurance

Lucas Pint | WB 167 | 765-285-9025


Advisor for Miller Business Honors Program

Gayle Hartleroad | WB 147 | 765-285-5329

Upper Division Advising Center

Andy Morrow, advising coordinator | NQ 340 | 765-285-5490


Arranged through internship supervisors and the Ball State Career Center

Career Coaching and Mock Interviews

Career Center @ Miller College of Business
Stephanie Wilson | WB 163 and LU 215 | 765-285-2452
Schedule through Cardinal CareerLink - select "current student login" and then "career coaching"