Study abroad can be an impactful component of a student’s college journey, as it broadens awareness to cultural and business practices. In coordination with the university Rinker Center for International Programs, students have a near-overwhelming scope of choices. You can choose where to go, when to go, for how long, and what to study! From ten-days to a full semester, from South America to Far East Asia, advisors from both the Honors Program and Rinker can help you select the program that’s right for you!


Where Miller Business Honors Program students have studied or interned abroad:

Some examples include:
  • Five-six week summer programs sponsored by one of our university study abroad program partners. These bring together college students from different institutions.
  • Ball State faculty-led programs, such as week-long program to Ireland studying leadership or a month in Italy studying marketing & social media strategies.
  • Full semester, traditional exchange programs enrolling at a foreign university.
  • Semester-long intern abroad.

Additionally the Miller Business Honors Program traditionally plans an optional study abroad every three years. Our offerings have included two weeks in May to:

  • Rome, London, & Paris (2011)
  • Frankfurt, Munich, & Dublin (2014)
  • Rome & London (2017)
  • Rome & London (2020)

Learn about some of our current and alumni study abroad experiences:

Without the Miller Scholarship, I would not have been able to study abroad in Rome & London with the Honors Program during the summer of 2017. This experience helped me better understand and be more aware of cultural perspectives as I prepare to enter the workforce. Thank you Miller Business Honors Program! – Martin Coughlin (Class of 2019)

Thanks to the Miller Scholarship, I was able to study abroad for a semester in the beautiful country of Austria. I had the time of my life, gained a global perspective, and was able to do it all with my friend and fellow Miller Scholar, Tayler! – Becky Cooper (Class of 2018)

I remember being so afraid, but in the end it made me more aware of what the city was like and open to engaging in what was offered. During the five days in Chile, we visited the Catrala Vineyards and Red Bull. To me, Chile presents a feeling of one that was like home and family-oriented. Argentina was totally different from Chile. The population was younger and the Argentine economy was booming. In Argentina we experienced the famous “Tango” and visited Disney Latin America & La Serenísima (a dairy company). – Kelley Hux (Class of 2012)

My semester abroad currently stands as the greatest experience I have had in college. Prior to my departure, I had absolutely no idea what would lie ahead except for a bit of culture shock and probably an acquired tea drinking habit. Along with our course required trips throughout England, I was fortunate enough during my stay to spend time in Italy, France, Scotland, Wales, Spain, and Ireland.  The London Centre faculty were also fantastic in not only teaching their subject, but also giving us assignments that required cultural immersion and took us all around the city. – Adam Smith (Class of 2012)