Miller Honors students, including the prestigious Miller Scholars, are an elite group of self-motivated, curious students eager to gain the experience and connections needed to become tomorrow’s business leaders. They are smart—with an average 3.75 high school GPA—but that’s not all. Our students are campus leaders, world travelers, and active citizens.

Sam advances community

“The Honors Program has given me direction and encouraged me to give back to others. I do this by serving on the Honors Program Executive Board Community Service Committee, through which I get the opportunity to coordinate impactful events with Miller Scholars and the local community.”—Sam Bales

Lucy lands an internship, turned full-time job

“The professional development workshops helped me hone my resume building and interview skills, while small classes made it possible for me to get to know my professors and create networking opportunities. The confidence I gained led to an internship the summer before my senior year as a Credit Risk Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was extended a full-time offer, and accepted the first week of my senior year.”—Lucy Clements

Liz’s study abroad stipend fuels travel to eight counties

“The honors program has built my business skills and increase my network, but the most significant opportunity has been to travel. With a $4,000 study abroad stipend, I was able to spend a full semester studying in Ireland. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that allowed me to explore eight countries, including England, Greece, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.”—Liz DiGennaro

KateLin gains a competitive edge

“Through the program, I’ve gained the credibility, confidence, and communication skills necessary for student leadership. The experience has pushed me to think critically, improve my writing skills, and increase my professionalism—giving me an competitive edge against the competition.”—KateLin Doyle

Alex develops lasting professional bonds

“Professional workshops and networking events empowered me to achieve an internship, and ultimately a full-time offer in the public accounting field at Ernst and Young, LLP. I feel that I owe a lot of my success to the honors program, and as executive board chair, I look forward to helping connect current program students with each other and alumni.”—Alex Getz

Eli excels during three top internships

“I never expected to be able to attend National Leadership Conferences in Texas, Washington D.C., and Chicago with some of the largest public accounting firms in the country. Furthermore, I never expected to have the opportunity to complete three internships with firms of my choice. These experiences were direct benefits of mentoring and support that I received through the program.”—Eli Parks