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The Miller Business Honors Program is a four-year cohort-based opportunity for self-motivated highest achievers. Expert faculty mentors facilitate stimulating discussions and real-world cases in small class sizes. This hands-on curriculum in technology-rich spaces is paired with exclusive opportunities to network with and learn from industry leaders.

Top honors program students receive the Miller Scholarship. Honors Program students who are not awarded the Miller Scholarship are automatically considered for Miller College four-year, renewable freshman merit- and need-based scholarships.

Classes You Will Take

You will learn in small, enriching environments focused on discussion, real-world cases, and hands-on learning tailored to your interests. Learn more.

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The Student Experience

Miller College of Business students

Miller Business Honors Program

We spark intellectual curiosity. Our program offers an innovative and immersive approach to education, We emphasize collaboration and enhance your experience with special activities, resources, and opportunities that focus on success.
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Miller College of Business students

Students and Alumni

Our students maintain an average 3.67 GPA, more than 90 percent complete an internship, and most graduate in four years or less. Learn more.
Professional Development

Curriculum and Professional Development

Our curriculum and professional development prepare students for engagement with highly-regarded internships, employers, and graduate schools.
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Miller Scholarship

Some Miller College Honors Program students earn the Miller Scholarship, awarded to those who exemplify strong academic drive, professionalism, leadership, and ethical and moral character. Learn more.

Program Recognitions

The Miller Business Honors Program provides a unique, high-quality, four-year experience that is gaining attention and accolades from our peers across the country.

  • National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) – Promising Practices
  • NASPA Region IV-East – Innovative Program Award
  • National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) – Outstanding Advising Program Certificate of Merit