The Dean’s Award for Outstanding Staff Member is an annual award that is given to recognize staff members, either classified or professional, for outstanding contributions to the Miller College of Business.

The award is given at the all-college fall meeting each year.

Any employee (faculty or staff) of the Miller College of Business can nominate a candidate. The nominator will complete an online nomination form that includes specific information about the candidate on the selection criteria listed below. The nominator may respond more completely to some criteria or ignore a category based on the relationship with the candidate.

The recipient is selected by a Dean’s Award Committee that includes:

  1. the prior year award winner (will differ in year 1)
  2. a faculty member
  3. a staff member, rotating between professional and classified
  4. Dean or Dean’s representative as an ex-officio member.

The committee will ask for nominations and will convene during the summer to select the recipient.


  • 1 Year Service – All candidates must have been employed full-time in the Miller College of Business at least one year and be currently employed at the college.
  • Performance Pattern – They will have demonstrated a continued pattern of consistent exceptional behaviors and performance.


  • Job Performance – Demonstrates consistent excellence in disposition of job assignments. (Give example(s) of long-term or continuing high performance)
  • Respect – Shows respect for self and others as compassionate, dependable, and trustworthy. (Give examples of behavior)
  • Teamwork – Makes very positive contribution to work-related teams. (Provide example of product or project produced by team and name the role fulfilled by the candidate)
  • Representation – Promotes the Miller College of Business and represents the College in a professional manner both within the University and in the larger community. (Identify service commitment or other community involvement of the candidate)


The award will be $1,000 and a plaque.

Nominate a Candidate