Students who complete Departmental Honors requirements will earn the designation “Departmental Honors in Mathematical Sciences” on their official university records. This achievement will be properly noted in the commencement program and in departmental records.

Honors Requirements

In order to earn the designation “Departmental Honors in Mathematical Sciences,” a student must complete the program with a GPA of at least 3.5 (in the academic major) and with all Departmental Honors course grades at “B” or higher in addition to each of the following:

Honors Thesis or Project

To complete this requirement, students need to enroll in HONR 499, in the appropriate section according to whether they are enrolled in the Honors College. The advisor must be selected from the faculty of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Independent Projects

A minimum of 3 instances of independent projects from a), b), or c) or any combination is acceptable. For instance, two from a) and one from b).

  1. Extra projects in upper division courses (300 or 400 level), which can be applied to the student’s major in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. During the semester in which the class is held, the student must inform the professor teaching the course that s/he wishes to take the course for Departmental Honors. If the professor agrees, the student and the professor must agree on the type of academic work the student will do to earn Departmental Honors credit. This academic work may take the form of additional research and writing, creative projects, review essays, additional reading, a presentation at a colloquium series or professional meeting, etc. The project must be specified in writing, signed by both the faculty member and the student, and filed with the Department of Mathematical Sciences. This work must be completed within the two semesters following the semester the course is taken. It is the student’s responsibility to have the Departmental Honors Completed Requirement form signed by the faculty member and to return the completed form to the Honors College.
  2. Projects in independent studies with professors, registered as MATH 499. The procedure and requirements are the same as for the regularly scheduled courses, with one exception: if MATH 499 is taken as a reading course of a regularly scheduled course, the work must be in addition to what the regularly scheduled course would normally require.
  3. Department approved projects or internships (MATH 368/369). Students, who participate in department approved projects or internships, may also earn Departmental Honors credit, if they complete work in the form listed above, in addition to the scope of the project or internship itself. The procedure and requirements are the same as above. The work must be agreed between the student and a department assigned faculty advisor.

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