We offer a graduate certificate in statistical modeling that provides students with the statistical modeling expertise that is part of the master’s program in statistics. The certificate helps students or professionals with quantitative backgrounds to earn graduate level expertise in data analysis and modeling and hands-on experience in computational statistics.

Mathematics Education

In addition to our undergraduate major in mathematics teaching, we offer licensure programs to prepare middle school and high school mathematics teachers.

Our licensing and certificate programs are geared toward undergraduates and persons who already hold a bachelor’s degree. Undergraduate students will receive their license after they finish all of the necessary course work.

The post-baccalaureate middle school/junior high is an advanced program designed to allow elementary teachers to extend their current license to middle school.

We also offer graduate certificates in post-secondary foundational mathematics teaching, middle school mathematics education and elementary mathematics teacher leadership. The certificate in post-secondary foundational mathematics teaching helps prepare individuals to teach foundational mathematics at the post-secondary level.  The certificate in middle school mathematics education helps prepare teachers to add middle school math to their teaching license. The certificate in elementary mathematics teacher leadership helps prepare elementary teachers to serve as school and district level mathematics leaders. This program also emphasizes the development of elementary teachers' knowledge of mathematics and mathematics pedagogy.

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