Mathematics is more than crunching numbers. Mathematics involves quantity, space, shape, change, and structure. Mathematics can be applied to many fields including natural and social sciences, or it can be explored purely for its own sake. 

Whether you want to explore advanced mathematics, examine statistical models, prepare for actuarial exams, or develop your knowledge and skills for teaching mathematics, the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Ball State is the place for you. 

We offer bachelor's programs in actuarial science, mathematical sciences, and mathematics teaching. We also offer master's programs in actuarial science, mathematics education, statistics, mathematics, and post-secondary foundational mathematics teaching. Whatever you choose, you will have the opportunity to explore mathematics in a friendly and dynamic university environment.
Along your mathematical journey, you will be guided by faculty who are not only experts in their fields but are also committed to teaching and mentoring students. You will find our faculty are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge, and will emphasize giving you individual attention.

We also offer small class sizes to give you the attention you deserve. Most classes for our majors are taught in small sections of 35 or fewer students, assuring you a high level of student-faculty interaction.

Learn more about our programs of study and why you should choose Ball State to earn a bachelor's or master's degree.