Ralph Bremigan

Ralph Bremigan

Professor of Mathematical Sciences


Room:RB 465


A.B. in Mathematics, University of Chicago, 1984.
Ph.D. in Mathematic, Brandeis University, 1990.

Dr. Ralph Bremigan joined the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Ball State in 1992. In addition to broad teaching interests, he has served in many administrative assignments in the Department, including Undergraduate Programs Director, Assessment Director, and Assistant Chair.

Research interests:

  • Actions of Lie groups and algebraic groups
  • Mathematical preparation of teachers.

Selected publications:

  • Complexified Hermitian symmetric spaces, hyperkaehler structures, and real group actions, Transformation Groups (2022), 1-43.
  • Mutually orthogonal rectangular gerechte designs (with J. Lorch), Linear Algebra and its Applications 497 (2016), 44-61.
  • Learner-centered pedagogy in a liberal arts mathematics courses (with five others), PRIMUS 26 (2016), 863-877.
  • Real moment map and hyperkaehler geometry techniques: the cotangent bundle to the 2-sphere and SL(2,C)-adjoint orbits, Algebra Colloquium 19 (2012), 181-218.
  • Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers (with J. Lorch and E. Bremigan), MAA Textbook, 2011.
  • Orbit duality for flag manifolds (with J. Lorch), Manuscripta Mathematica 109 (2002), 233-261.
  • Joining students and faculty: A seminar for both, PRIMUS 11 (2001), 359-369.
  • Pseudokaehler forms on complex Lie groups, Documenta Mathematica 5 (2000), 595-611.
  • Bi-invariant domains in semisimple groups: non-principal orbits and boundaries (with G. Fels), Geometriae Dedicata 82 (2000), 225-283.
  • Invariant analytic domains in complex semisimple groups, Transformation Groups 1 (1996), 279-305.
  • Quotients for algebraic group actions over non-algebraically closed fields, Journal fuer die reine und angewandte Mathematik 453 (1994), 21-47.
  • Galois cohomology and real algebraic quotients, Journal of Algebra 159 (1993), 275-305.

Course Schedule
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Discrete Systems 215 1 0900 - 0950 MT RF RB, room 106