Elizabeth Bremigan

Elizabeth Bremigan

Assistant Professor


Room:RB 424


B.A. in Mathematics, Grove City College, 1979
M.S. in Mathematics, Carnegie Mellon University, 1980
Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction: Mathematics Education, University of Pittsburgh, 1997

Dr. Elizabeth George Bremigan joined the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Ball State in 1998 after teaching middle and high school mathematics for 13 years. Primarily she has taught secondary mathematics methods courses for undergraduate students preparing to teach middle and high school mathematics and supervised their student teaching experiences. In addition, she has taught mathematics content and methods courses for elementary education majors and graduate mathematics educations courses.

Research interests:

Dr. Bremigan’s research primarily has focused on the use of visual representations in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Selected publications:

  • Bremigan, E.G., Bremigan, R.J, and Lorch, J.D. (2011). Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers. Mathematical Association of America.
  • Bremigan, E. G. (May 2005). “An Analysis of Diagram Modification and Construction in Students’ Solutions to Applied Calculus Problems.” Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 36(3), 248-277.
  • Bremigan, E. G. (2004). “Note: Figure Not Drawn to Scale.” Mathematics Teacher, 98(2), 74-78.
  • Bremigan, E. G. (2004). “Is It Always True? From Detecting Patterns to Forming Conjectures to Developing Proofs.” Mathematics Teacher, 97(2), 96-100.
  • Bremigan, E. G. (2003). “Developing a Meaningful Understanding of the Mean.” Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 9(1), 22-26.
  • Bremigan, E. G. (2001). “Dynamic Diagrams.” Mathematics Teacher, 94 (7), 566-574.