Understanding consumer lifestyles. Identifying niche markets. Analyzing consumer insights. If these and other related marketing tasks sound appealing, then a minor in marketing from Ball State is right for you. This course of study grounds you in the principles of marketing and economics to make you a more effective professional.

Students majoring in media and fashion industry studies will find this minor a great fit.

Minor Requirements

This minor is open to all majors except marketing and professional selling. 

Mark Mayer instructing students

Achieving Academic Excellence
Mark Mayer

Happy and healthy. That’s what marketing professor Mark Mayer wants for all kids. He evaluates how to develop uplifting ads to tackle childhood obesity. Learn more about his work.



Classes You Will Take

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Professional Selling
  • Marketing Research and Analytics
  • Marketing Strategy
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How to Enroll

To select this minor, go to the Advising Center in the Arts and Communications Building, room 224.

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