The Biosound® Consulting Room is used by our Sport and Exercise Psychology master’s students to conduct sessions with the goal of promoting relaxation, recovery, and emotional regulation.

What is Biosound® Technology?

Biosound® is a piece of equipment resembling an athletic training bed with a monitor to visually provide feedback to the user. The Biosound® technology integrates the following:

  • Heart rate variability biofeedback – the time between heart beats, which serves as an indicator of an individual’s ability to manage stress.
  • Music therapy – listen to relaxing or energizing music frequencies.
  • Vibroacoustic massage – the bed vibrates to create a sound massage choreographed to music.
  • Guided meditation – various topics, such as releasing anxiety, gratitude, and mindfulness.
  • Guided imagery – visualizing and focusing on situations promoting positive emotions.
  • Positive affirmations – sessions end with a motivational and affirming video to energize you.


Athletes, coaches, musicians, performing artists, and exercisers can benefit from the use of Biosound® technology. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Jean-Charles Lebeau.