Do you need help paying for your graduate work in the Department of Kinesiology? Are you interested in working closely with faculty while gaining hands-on experience in your field? Our department is committed to providing practical opportunities for both professional and personal growth through our graduate assistantships.

Responsibilities and Expectations

Graduate Assistants within the School are generally asked to work 20 hours per week.

In most cases, they:

  • help teach one to three activity sections of PFW Walking classes (totaling five hours per week)
  • assist with the research for an assigned faculty member (15 hours per week)

Some GAs may be assigned to only do research with a designated faculty member for the full 20 hours.


GAs receive:

  • a partial tuition waiver during the academic year and following summer
  • a stipend (approximately $10,000)

Students will be responsible for other fees not covered by the waiver each semester.

How to Apply

You must be officially admitted to a graduate degree program in the university to be eligible for an assistantship or internship.

If you are interested in obtaining an assistantship within the School of Kinesiology, please contact Amy Vold.

Paying for Your Education