Sport Administration Advising Policies and Procedures

Setting Meetings with the Sport Administration Academic Advisor

The purpose of this policy is to establish an efficient process by which students receive permission for courses. All students must meet with the sport administration academic advisor in order to receive permission for courses in the upcoming semester.


1. The first week of classes is an open-door policy for advising. Students can stop by HP 321 for any help needed in making changes to their current semester’s schedule.

2.  From the second week of the semester through the fourteenth week of the semester (April 15 for spring and December 1 for fall), students must sign up for an advising appointment via the binder placed in the lounge by HP 321. Advising meetings are in 15-minute blocks during certain designated times throughout the day. Sign-ups are first come, first served.

3.  If none of the designated advising times fits your schedule, write your name at the bottom of the appointment sheet with a preferred time. The academic advisor will email the student back with confirmation if that appointment time is acceptable.

Registering for Courses

The purpose of this policy is to prioritize sport administration majors into SPTA-prefix courses and offer spaces in selected courses to students outside the major on a limited and prioritized basis.


1.  Meet with the academic advisor and receive permission to enroll in sport administration courses by April 15 in the spring and December 1 in the fall.

2.  Students must register for the courses in which they have been given permission by April 20 in the spring and December 5 in the fall.

3.  Students not registering for courses by these dates will no longer have priority access to sport administration classes and may lose their spot in the course to other students.