What can you do with an Aquatic Program Degree?

Aquatic: Director, Coordinator, Supervisor, Manager, Superintendent, Operations Director

Base wage range at senior colleges and universities: $21,280- $42,687 annually. Range varies from region to region. West Coast is highest; East Coast is second with South Central being the lowest. Typically park and recreation departments nationwide pay up to 15% more than the range listed for starting base.

  • Assistant Recreation: Director, Administrator, Superintendent
  • Instructor/Coach of aquatics: swim team, dive team
  • Beach Patrol/Marina: Director, Supervisor
  • Operator of athletic, recreation, fitness facilities with aquatic venues
  • Pool Operator
  • Graduate Assistant in aquatics - can lead to an Instructor position at a College/University
  • Aquatic Consultant
  • Aquatic facility: Construction Manager, Project Manager
  • Professional Lifeguard
  • Swimming Instructor
  • Entrepreneur in aquatics/safety
  • Scuba Instructor/Dive Shop Operator