This certification includes the following content:  Operational knowledge skills and abilities including sanitation, water balance, circulation, filtration, operational safety and legal considerations

  • AQUA 454 - Swimming Pool Operation and Maintenance Provides information on pool circulation, filtration, sanitation, and administrative procedures for the pool operator or aquatics specialist. Opportunity to earn operation credentials with successful completion. 3.000 Credit hours 
  • AQUA 455 - Aquatic Facilities Management Study of organization and administration to prepare the aquatic professional for management of indoor and outdoor facilities. Includes facility inspection, safety and sanitation procedures, and activity, sport, and recreational aspects of pools, lakes, camps, and beach fronts. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 456 - Camp Waterfront Administration A study in camp specific programming, waterfront safety, design, and administration. 2.000 Credit hours 

  • AQUA 457 - Aquatic Facility Design A study in swimming pools, their design, and utilization. Includes lighting, basin design, and deck construction for commercial pools. No previous architecture experience required. 2.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 458 - Aquatic Leadership and Staff Development Provides information to become an effective leader. Aquatic facility financial management is discussed in depth, as accounting principles apply to aquatic facilities. Certification for aquatic leadership is available if the student meets the required qualifications. Optional certification fee. 3.000 Credit hours