This certification includes the following content: Swimming instruction knowledge skills and abilities including teaching and learning theory, swimming technically, general water safety. 

  • AQUA 219 - Aquatic Sports Officiating An introduction to the theory and practice of officiating swimming and springboard diving. 1.000 Credit hours

  • AQUA 301 - Instructor of CPR and First Aid Emphasizes teaching methodologies and delivery of nationally recognized programs in first aid, CPR, and bloodborne pathogens. Instructor certification available. Prerequisite: current basic level first aid and CPR certification. 2.000 Credit hours 

  • AQUA 315 - Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Swimming and rescue skills necessary to complete certification for a Water Safety Instructor program. Emphasizes a broad range of other aquatic experiences and teaching methodologies. Optional certification fee. Prerequisite: successful completion of swimming test. 3.000 Credit hours 

  • AQUA 316 - Aquatic Fitness Instructor Introduction to the objectives, format, and water exercise classes, emphasizing participation and application of fitness and related concepts to selected water aerobic activities. Optional certification fee. Prerequisite: successful completion of swimming test the first week of class. 3.000 Credit hours

  • AQUA 404 - Lifeguard Instructor (LGI) Trains students to be Lifeguard Instructors. Training includes LG, CPR, FA, AED, 02, and PDT skills. Advanced topics include open water and surf techniques. Certification available upon successful completion. Optional certification fee. 3.000 Credit hours