Thomas Gretton

Undergraduate Institution: 

Durham University, United Kingdom

 Major: BA in Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity
 Year entered BSU: 2016
 Degree at BSU: M.S. in Sport and Exercise Psychology and M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
 Jobs/GA at BSU:

Physical Fitness and Wellness Graduate Student under the mentorship of Dr. Kimberley Hurley.

 Research at BSU:
  • 1) For my thesis I am exploring the cognitive content and consistency of elite high jump athletes’ pre-performance routines, and
  • 2) I am working on a publication with Dr. Hurley that is exploring personal and athletic identity in adults that are 50 years or older and who have engaged in competitive or recreational levels of activity for at least 10 years.
 Personal Research Interests: Pre-performance routines, stress perception/management/response and also clinical issues that may be present in sport such as disordered eating or depression.
 Advice for Future Students:                                                          

My advice would be to take pride in how far you may have come, but most importantly, always have faith in how far you can go.

 Career Interests:

I would like to pursue a Ph.D. after my three years at Ball State University.  My ambition is to work in a consultancy capacity, hopefully owning my own consultancy business and working with elite athletes in any sport.