Sasa Elizabeth Vann


Undergraduate Institution:  Buffalo State College
 Major: Psychology & Hospitality Administration Minor in Hotel Management
 Year entered BSU: Fall 2016
 Degree at BSU: Sports and Exercise Psychology Minor in Counseling
 Jobs/GA at BSU:

Dr. Lindsay Blom, Sport and Exercise Psychology; Dr. Matt Moore, Department of Social Work; Dr. Jean Marie Place, Department of Nutrition & Health Science

 Research at BSU:
  • Abstract Submission Accepted to the sport Psychology Conference- Seville 2017: Self-regulation and well being of retired football. da Silva, S.M., Vann, S., Coutinho, P., Place, J.M.
  • Abstract Submitted to Society for Social Work and Research 22nd Annual Conference - Achieving Equal Opportunity, Equity, and Justice Moore, M., & Vann, S. (2017).
  • Un-proposed thesis idea: A Qualitative in-depth Look at Female Athletes’ Behavior Post Abortion
 Personal Research Interests:

I am very passionate about the inclusion of minorities in research specifically minority women. Women’s health and their health rights as they relate to their behavior, support, and performance in sport is of great interest to me. I am also interested in the experience of Posttraumatic Growth amongst athletes and how athletes transition out of sport.

 Advice for Future Students:                                                                           

If you are looking at this page you already have what it takes. You are already successful - continue on that path let the reasons why you googled Ball State University be the reasons and drive to propel you forward.

 Career Interests: My ultimate career goal is to become a Counseling Sport Psychology Researcher. After graduation I plan on earning my PhD in Counseling Sport Psychology.