We are passionate about the work of the students and faculty in our program, as well as the advancement of the field of sport and exercise psychology as a whole. On this page, you can view updates about current research in our program and pertinent research topics in the field. Additionally, you can find information about topical listservs provided by our program. These Program Communications reflect our enthusiastic endeavor in providing those interested in sport and exercise psychology with accurate and useful information.  

Program e-mail and listservs
Ball State Sport and Exercise Psychology is proud to announce that we have a program e-mail address! If you need to contact the program with any inquires, the address is bsusep@bsu.edu.

In the spirit of our program's continuous pursuit towards scholarship, ingenuity, and expertise, we have added 6 listservs to better communicate as well as help share information concerning growth in the field of sport and exercise psychology. 

  • We will have a listserv for general information about job openings, conferences, and related activities.
  • There are 5 topical listservs for information concerning: Applied Sport Psychology, Exercise Psychology, Neuropsychology, Youth Sport, and Military Psychology.
  • If you would like to be placed in any of these listservs, please send a message to the program e-mail stating those that pertain to your interests!