Dr. Lindsey Blom joined the Faculty at Ball State in August of 2008 and is currently the Graduate Coordinator of the Sport & Exercise Psychology Program. Her research expertise is in the areas of psycho-social aspects of youth sport, coaching psychology, and sport for peace. Dr. Blom’s received a doctoral degree in sport and exercise psychology and a master’s degree in counseling from West Virginia University and is a certified consultant through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology as well as a member of the USOC Sport Psychology registry. In 2009, she co-authored a book with her husband entitled ‘Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Soccer,” published by Human Kinetics. In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys playing soccer, running, traveling, and spending time with her husband, Tim, children, Makenzie and Spencer, and dog, Kellogg. 

Dr. Jean-Charles Lebeau is originally from France where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sport and a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. After working as a certified psychologist and teaching psychology to coaches and athletes, he moved to the USA to specialize in Sport Psychology. In 2017 he graduated with a PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Florida State University. His research revolves around the relationship between exercise and cognitive processes, exercise motivation, and perceptual-cognitive processes in sport and exercise. He has a passion for exercise and physical activity in general, and enjoys sharing his passion through research and teaching. As an athlete, Jean-Charles competed in motocross and mountain biking nationally and internationally. He has also been a trapeze performer at the FSU Flying High Circus.

 Supporting Faculty  

Dr. James Johnson is an assistant professor and graduate coordinator in the sport administration program.  As a 2001 graduate of the SEP program, Dr. Johnson serves on a variety of thesis committees and partners with SEP faculty on projects and research.  He is very willing to assist SEP students in their various academic and professional development endeavors.
Dr. Lawrence Judge is honored to have the opportunity to work with students in the SEP department and strives to meet their individual needs on all levels.  He provides and encourages open and collaborative communication, and he believes that a team atmosphere helps students best succeed.  As a veteran NCAA coach of 18 years, he personally enjoys providing insight and guidance for students with research projects, theses, and consulting.