We offer a certificate program in gerontology, which requires students to take nine hours of core courses in gerontology and nine hours of approved electives in related subjects.

Please contact the curriculum advisor for more information on the Certificate in Gerontology.

Core Courses (9 Semester Hours)
GERO 535 - Aging in Communities
GERO 605 - Aging Well: A Systems Approach
GERO 630 - Health, Wellness, and Aging
GERO 635 - Aging Well: Adaptations in Later Life

Elective Courses (9 Semester Hours)
EDAC 638 - Program Planning in Community and Adult Education
EDAC 648 - The Community Educator
EDAC 681 - Managing Community Education
GERO 515 - Technology in Aging
GERO 540 - Women and Aging
GERO 610 - Public Policy and Aging
GERO 620 - Guided Life Review
GERO 625 - Changing Health/Wellness Behaviors
HSC 571 - Death and Dying
MGT 500 - Managing Organizational Behavior
MKG 505 - Survey of Marketing

Gerontology certificate program students may wish to review the disclosure information found at www.bsu.edu/webapps2/GainfulEmployment/30.1101-Gedt.html (as required by the U.S. DoE).