Andrew Del Pozzi

Andrew Del Pozzi

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Curriculum Vitae


Room:HP 304

Dr. Andrew Del Pozzi is an integrative physiologist who is interested in understanding the autonomic nervous system and how it relates to the cardiovascular system and the regulation of blood pressure, body temperature and the neurovascular coupling. He received his Master’s Degree from Central Washington University in 2009, where he studied autonomic dysfunction and its relationship to perception. He then continued his education receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama where he examined the regional differences in cutaneous vascular control in response to a local heating stimulus. 

Following graduation he started an NIH-funded post-doctoral fellowship in the pediatric cardiovascular laboratory at The Center for Hypotension at New York Medical College. Dr. Del Pozzi studied the mechanisms behind cerebral autoregulation in postural orthostatic tachycardia patients, chronic fatigue patients as well as those individuals who experience debilitating initial orthostatic intolerance along with a wide variety of idiopathic dysautonomia patients while at New York Medical College. 

At Ball State University in his integrative physiology laboratory he plans on taking his acquired knowledge in thermoregulation and the neurovascular coupling and combine them to understand the neurovascular coupling response to varying degrees of thermoregulation (whole-body and local heat stress) and exercise stress in primary aging. Additionally, he plans on embarking on a line of research looking at populations with dysfunctional autonomic nervous systems such as those whom have experienced a concussion, an acquired spinal cord injury, those with metabolic syndrome, as well as diabetes.