Robin Blom

Robin Blom

Associate Professor of Journalism


Room:AJ 340

Educational Background:
PhD Media and Information Studies, Michigan State University, 2013
MA Journalism and Mass Communication, Point Park University, 2007
BA Journalism, Hogeschool van Utrecht, 2004

Professional Experience:
Professional experience includes numerous news articles for national and regional newspapers located in the Rotterdam (The Netherlands) metropolitan area since 2001. Professor Blom has written extensively about local governments, court cases, drug and alcohol addiction, arts performances and exhibits, as well as multiculturalism, among a variety of other topics. Additionally, contributions to news articles about false eyewitness identifications by the Point Park Innocence Institute were printed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He also has been the editor and reporter for the social media outlets of the Open Tree of Life project, which is an NSF-funded interdisciplinary collaboration between ten researchers in evolutionary biology, computer science, and mass communication to construct the first tree of life with about two million species on Earth.

Professor Blom has been an instructor and teaching assistant for a variety of introductory mass media and news writing courses at Michigan State University and Point Park University. This includes a year-long fellowship in the Interdisciplinary Inquiry & Teaching program at MSU. He has also served as an editorial assistant for Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, a quarterly journal published by the Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication (AEJMC), and Communication Yearbook, an annual publication by the International Communication Association (ICA).

Research/Creative/Publication Interests:
Journalism education, news media perceptions, memory and cognition, eyewitness identification. media law.

Research/Creative/Publication Career Highlights:
Professor Blom has published ten peer-reviewed book chapters and research articles in several scholarly journals, such as Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, Journal of Media Sociology, and the International Journal of Information Communication Technologies and Human Development. He is also a regular presenter at academic conferences by the Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication (AEJMC) and the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), as well as other regional, national, and international meetings. Blom received the Martha Rayne Award for Media History Research during the 2011 Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame ceremony for an article about a mid-19th Century newspaper editor of the Lansing State Republican.

Thesis/Creative Project Experience and Philosophy:
On a daily basis we get exposed to a flood of information and we need to make sense of it all. This is an enormous challenge in a swiftly changing social environment. Professor Blom wants to assist students to become critical thinkers to navigate this message bombardment and to become exceptional reporters to inform their audiences concisely about the most important issues of the day.

With his research projects, he investigates how biased perceptions about news media disrupt public discourse and political learning. He is especially interested in the extent to which assessments of news source trust and expectations about news content lead to knowledge construction and adoption of misinformation. In the upcoming years, Blom will also explore the influence of false memories on adoption of misinformation. With those projects, he would like to create teaching modules for news reporting and news media literacy courses.

Dissertation: Fact or fiction: Believability of statements made by news networks (Michigan State University, 2013).