Tim Huang

Tim Huang

Assistant Professor of the Center for Emerging Media Design and Development


Room:AJ 383

About Tim Huang


Dr. Kuo-Ting (Tim) Huang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism. His research focuses on the psychological, cognitive, and affective outcomes of interactive media usage, with an emphasis on digital games and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR). Specifically, he is interested in how these psychological mechanisms can be harnessed to create experiences that promote educational and health outcomes.


Dr. Huang has studied the effects of augmented reality and virtual reality mobile apps on college students’ science knowledge retention and the impacts of immersive features and narratives of video games on players’ feelings, perceptions, and attitudes. His latest research project involves the applications of virtual-reality enhanced exergames (active video games) for cognitive improvement in older adults.


Since 2013, Dr. Huang has been working on grant writing and successfully secured funding through multiple competitive grants at Michigan State University. His studies have been presented at more than 20 national and international communication conferences and published in several top-tier peer-reviewed journals.


Professional Experience


  • Ball State University, Assistant Professor in Emerging Media Design & Development, Department of Journalism, 2018-present
  • Michigan State University, Instructor, Department of Media and Information, 2017-2018



  • Ph.D. Media and Information, Michigan State University
  • M.A. Media and Communication Studies, Florida State University
  • M.A. Journalism, National ChengChi University (Taiwan)
  • B.Ed. Adult & Continuing Education, National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)

Selected Research and Publications


  • Huang, K., Ball, C., Cotten, S. R., & Coleman, L. O. (2020). Effective Experiences: A social cognitive analysis of the ICT development of youth. Social Inclusion.
  • Ball, C., Huang, K., Francis, J., Kadylak, T., & Cotten, S. R. (2020). A call for computer recess: The impact of computer activities on minority students’ technology self-efficacy. American Behavioral Scientist.
  • Fordham, J., Ratan, R., Huang, K, & Silva, K. (2020). Stereotype threat in a video game context and its influence on perceptions of STEM: Avatar-induced active self-concept as a possible mitigator. American Behavioral Scientist.
  • Huang, K. (2020). Exergaming Executive Functions: A Virtual Reality-Based Cognitive Training for Older Adults. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking (2018 Impact Factor: 2.650; Ranked 16 in Social Psychology)
  • Ball, C., Huang, K., Cotten, S.R., Rikard, R.V.. (2019). Gaming the SySTEM: The Relationship between video games and the Digital and STEM Divides. Games and Culture. (2018 Impact Factor: 1.574; Ranked 5 in Cultural Studies)
  • Huang, K., Ball, C., Francis, J., Ratan, R., Boumis, J., Fordham, J. (2019). Augmented versus Virtual Reality in Education: An Exploratory Study Examining Science Knowledge Retention when using AR/VR Mobile Applications. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 22, 105-110. (2018 Impact Factor: 2.650; Ranked 16 in Social Psychology)
  • Ball, C., Huang, K., Rikard, R. V., & Cotten, S. R. (2019). The Emotional Costs of Computers: An Expectancy-Value Theory Analysis of Young Students’ STEM Attitudes. Information, Communication & Society.

Honors and Awards


  • PhDigital Bootcamp Fellowship, selected and organized by Texas State University and supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, 2020
  • Dissertation Completion Fellowship, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Michigan State University, 2017
  • Thomas A. Muth, Sr. Endowed Fund, Department of Media and Information, Michigan State University, 2017
  • Outstanding Doctoral Student Researcher, Department of Media and Information, Michigan State University, 2016
  • Nancy Seidman Dempsey Memorial Scholarship, Department of Media and Information, Michigan State University, 2012-2014
  • Study Abroad Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Taiwan

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